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Magnetic Infinity Pad

Magnetic Infinity Pad

  • Product Description

    Draw pictures, create memo's, write lists and jot notes with this paperless electro writing pad! Save on paper and ink by simply pressing the refresh button, the tablet will wipe itself clean ready for your next note, list or doodle!

  • Features

    LCD Digital notepad
    Built in magnets - Attach to your fridge or other magnetic surfaces
    Easily make notes and draw using the included stylus
    Eco friendly, Save on paper
    Low power consumption
    Instant erase button - Reuse over and over
    Screen lock feature
    Battery included

  • Why is my Infinity Pad not erasing?

    If your Infinity Pad is not erasing content, the screen lock feature may be on. Check the lower edge of the pad beneath the erase button, flip the switch then press the erase button again.

    If this does not solve the problem your battery may have run out of power. Replace with a CR2025 battery.