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"Good Vibes"

Tech Girl - The Must Have Range

The Rose Gold earphones feature a built-in microphone for hands free calls, precision audio to make your music sound flawless and a stylish rose gold coating to effortlessly compliment your look.


Charge your Smartphone, iPod, or iPad whilst checking your blusher. This is a supercharged, multi-purpose compact.


"Our tech girl range has everything to offer, slick packaging, great technology for family and friends."

Why Tech Girl ?
Tech Girl is the must have product range for 2018. This range combines both modern technologies with style.  This Tech Girl brand is aimed towards young women, offering feminine edginess and a touch of class to the smartphone accessory and gadget market.   

Target Gift Recipient: Daughters, family, friends
Age Group: 9 +
Category: Technology & Lifestyle


"Discover Electronics"

Electro Ink : A Buzzing New Idea

Discover electronics with our brand new Electro Ink Robots! The kit includes a pen
that writes in real liquid copper, allowing you to connect a range of live elements from
lights and switches to buzzers and batteries.

The perfect the gift for inquisitive minds!



Choose from 3 models of robots to act as the base for your circuit.

"The Electro-Ink robot is easy to use, this kit comes with everything you need."



Why The Electro Ink Robot?
This product unique and exclusive product offers both learning and fun. Whilst a circuit is being created children are learning the basics of electronics.

Target Gift Recipient : Sons, Nephews, families , children.  
Age Group : 7 +
Category: Technology, Craft, Electronics, learning

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