Mobile Theatre

Mobile Theatre


  • Product Description

    A completely new and unique product that engages childrens creativity and their love of smartphones. Using todays smartphone technology and The Mobile Theatre, children can create their own puppet show, record it and share it on Facebook or stream their shows live to friends and family via apps like FaceTime or Skype.

  • Features

    - Turns your smartphone into a Mobile Theatre
    - Create your own story and production with The Mobile Theatre puppets and scenes
    - Designed with functional theatre curtain to bring your shows to life
    - Utilizes your smartphones in-built camera and flash to capture and illuminate the scene
    - Interchange your scenes easily behind the theatre curtain
    - 24 different puppet characters
    - 6 Scenes to choose from
    - 1 ���Create your own�۝ scene card
    - Easy to assemble and dismantle for storage
    - Extender - For use with large smartphones

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