Electro Ink

Electro Ink


  • Product Description

    Discover electronics with our brand new Electro Ink Robots! The kit includes a pen that writes in real liquid copper, allowing you to connect a range of live elements from lights and switches to buzzers and batteries.

    The perfect gift for inquisitive minds!

  • Features

    - Discover electronics - Draw connections between lights, batteries and switches with a conductive pen.
    - Includes 3 DIY robot circuits
    - Contains loads of fun components including lights, buzzers, switches and batteries
    - Real liquid copper
    - Great for teaching kids the basics of electronics


  • Specification


    Electro Ink Pen x 1
    Robot Circuits x 3
    Lights x 12
    Batteries x 7
    Switches x 4
    Buzzer x 1
    Copper Tape x 30cm
    Instruction Manual x 1

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