DJ Panda

  • Product Description

    The cuddliest iPod/iPhone dock around. The DJ Panda offers great sound quality with two speakers located in the feet of the sitting teddy. Simple plug and play technology! All you need to do is pull the cable from inside the arms of the bear and plug the jack into your audio player. Then place the device inside the Panda’s arms knowing that you audio player is in good hands. The cuddly toy has a zip on the back where the battery pack is located (2 AA batteries) insert the batteries and switch on. Compatible with MP3, MP4, Mobile Phones, iPhones and iPods. Cuddly speakers with and audio jack, you can’t go wrong.

  • Features

    - Stereo speakers disguised as a huggable, loveable panda
    - Integrated 3.5mm jack
    - Compatible with MP3, MP4, selected mobile phones, iPod/iPhone (any 3.5mm audio jack device)
    - Powered by 2 x AA batteries

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