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Gold Bar Mouse

Hovering UFO

The flying UFO is a great gift for all the family. Have fun keeping the UFO up in the air with your hands. There is no techie stuff required. Charge up, switch on and fly the UFO. The UFO has a motorised engine that keeps the whole family entertained for hours, a sensor is built into the bottom that detects when it’s approaching the ground or your hands. The skill comes from controlling its speed and course (by flapping wildly underneath it). Simple plug and play. Useful things to know is that the UFO is very resilient, light weight, and highflying when fully charged.

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    Hovering UFO Features
  • 1. Easy to fly with simple hand operation
  • 2. Rechargeable battery
  • 3. Made from flexible foam material
  • 4. Up to 5 meter range
  • 5. Suitable for indoor flight only

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